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China the natural copy ability is super powerful. Knockoff goods comparable to the original has been unable to meet!

It is reported that Chinese-made "Viagra" producer: Baiyun Mountain Guangzhou Pharmaceutical, the first time disclosed the listing of Baiyun Gold Ge transcript over the past year. Listing for one year, according to market retail price armored counter sales exceeded 700 million , the actual sales volume has exceeded the original study medicine.

The original research Pfizer viagra in China's patent expired on May 12, 2014, after nearly 20 Chinese pharmaceutical companies have applied for a generic "Viagra" production of documents, intended to compete for anti-ED drug market share.

Baiyun Gold Ge in September 2, 2014 issued the first to get the CFDA and sildenafil citrate tablets drug production approval, and officially listed on October 28 last year, becoming the first Chinese-made "Viagra" .

Some media reports, Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Factory released transcripts showed Baiyun Gold Ge year retail market listing over 700 million yuan.

The original research version of "Viagra" after a year of retail sales in the domestic market is about 1 billion yuan or so, since the retail price lower than the market armored original drug, the actual sales volume has exceeded the original study medicine.

In fact, the Chinese people has special love for "impotence" , a wide range of ED drugs, health products, nutritional products flooded the media, often become a precious gift when people gifts.

However, in the "what to eat," the big idea, a lot of impotence drugs most illusory. But viagra as ED aphrodisiac products, the effect was very significant, and no so many side effects as the rumors . Real medical effects, scientific and technological innovation "impotence drugs" seems rare.

So Copy viagra cialis in China has a large sales. US-developed Viagra, it should be recognized as a major breakthrough, the pharmaceutical industry has also brought unprecedented opportunities - that for a while, Viagra has been registered, many Viagra "vendor" swarmed, the original creators pushed almost deprived situation.

But deep in the Chinese hearts, viagra is always the first. Viagra is a man of myth. Chose copy viagra is the main reason of their composition and the effect is almost the same but the price is really much lower.

So do you want to buy high quality copy viagra pills, same effects brand viagra, but price is cheaper, then contact us now, we have the best male sex pills one for you.
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